WASTOIDS is an audio/visual feed, created by Sam Means (Hello Merch/The Format) and Jason Woodbury (Aquarium Drunkard) that shares original music and pop culture-related podcasts, videos, and more on WASTOIDS.COM and other apps of your choice.

Click Vortex

Sam (Hello Merch/The Format) and Jason (Aquarium Drunkard) stumble down a rabbit hole of hyperlinks, following trails of interconnection between music and wildly varied topics. Live every other week on YouTube and in your podcast feed. View all.

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The Spindle

The 7-inch record isn’t just a format–it’s an art form. On each episode of The Spindle podcast, Marc and John dive into a great 7-inch every other week, dissecting its background, impact, and the reasons why it stands out as a small plastic piece of music history. View all.

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This bi-weekly video series features your favorite artists answering questions from the 1-877-WASTOIDS answering machine, sharing their fantasy world, records they can’t live with out and anything else that comes in. View all.

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Midnight Music Review in the Attic

Monthly video series spotlighting experimental songwriters, garage rockers, avant-pop acts and more from the mind (and attic) of Argentinian artist Salvador Cresta. View all.

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Decoy Deloy brings you the latest in music news, each Friday from the WASTOIDS loft. View all.

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Jenny Nobody brings a weekly video roundup of what you may have missed last week on WASTOIDS. View all.

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Interviews featuring Van Dyke Park, Keith Morris, Steve Keene, Roger manning Jr., Paul Leary, Laura Jane Grace, East Bay Ray from Dead Kennedys, CREEM Magazine, The Source Family, and more. View all.

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Band Shirt Day

To celebrate, Dylan Gette-King of Merch Friends has linked up with the WASTOIDS feed for a Band Shirt Day celebration, featuring a history of the band shirt, and stories from the movers and shakers of underground music, figures like Bill Mooney of Kung Fu, who joins us to discuss how he got started making band merch on Redd Kross’ dirty laundry and inspired Sonic Youth’s Washing Machine,  and Steve DePace of Flipper, who tells us how Kurt Cobain’s fandom ended up making the Flipper logo a band shirt icon.

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In The Crates

In the early ’80s, skate punk roared out of Phoenix, led by a group of teenagers called Jodie Foster’s Army. On JFA’s 1983 full-length debut, Valley of the Yakes, vocalist Brian Brannon rails against preps, gossipers, cops, and Reagan. But he saves some of his gnarliest lyrics for a local radio deejay, a guy named Johnny D.

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Nilsson Talks Nilsson

Olivia and Kiefo share interesting tidbits, unknown stories, and personal experiences related to their father, legendary singer, producer, interpreter, and composer, Harry Nilsson.

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Special Podness

Four-part mini-series dedicated to the history of The Special Goodness by the three dudes who (probably) know it best: Pat Wilson of Weezer, drummer Atom Willard (Rocket From the Crypt, Plosivs, Against Me!) and Karl Koch, Weezer historian.

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A late night weekly mood music/paranormal radio show featuring kitschy and soothing music, far out stories from guests like John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, plus calls from the WASTOIDS hotline.

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Strange Gear

An exploration of unusual musical equipment and the stories behind it featuring artists like, A Place to Bury Strangers and Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos, and more.

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WASTOIDS, Season 1

Initially created for Night Flight, this 4 episode series is baked and fried in the Sonoran Desert and NYC, throwing back to the halcyon days when stoned teenagers could stay up all night watching music videos, loopy comedy, and arty strangeness on the TV set.

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Out of Site

Recurring live music video series, featuring Mute Swan, Supercrush, Dante Elephant, Beach Bums, Sydney Sprague, and more.

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Curated playlists from WASTOIDS friends

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Handpicked new releases from the WASTOIDS staff every week on WASTOIDS DOT COM

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