Yechan Jung is a 24 year old illustrator from South Korea who is now in based Berlin, Germany. Over the last couple years, he has specialized in colored pencil drawings. They also have experience with watercolor, marker, and glitter pieces, all from the comfort of his tiny bedroom. They still use their bedroom as a studio today, but the one in Berlin is surronded by birds constantly singing beautiful chirps outside the windows. “I like the birds here better because the birds back in Jinju(S.Korea) made very unpleasant, squeaky sounds”. Inspiration usually comes from old childrens books’, more specifically the iconic Eric Carle book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. ” I remember reading/seeing The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a kid and being amazed at how vibrant it was! I think it made a huge impact on me. I also loved the iconic textures as well, they look so delicious!”.

When creating a new piece, Yechan usually puts on local classical radio to give off a peaceful, calming vibe while creating new artwork. Other times, they love to put on Sufjan Stevens. “Carrie and Lowell has a very special space in my heart, always will!”. In the times of not drawing or creating phsyical art, Yechan loves to swim and being in the water whenever possible (Speaking as someone from Arizona I totally agree with you!). Yechan’s future goal is to make a childrens book of their own. “Working on a childrenโ€™s book has always been a goal of mine, so I hope I can achieve that in the (near) future”. Yechan definently has the talent to make that dream a reality, so it’s really only a matter of when it will be done. I promise I will be one of the first preorders of that book!

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