As 3L3D3P (pronounced ell-dee-pee) Marina Thompson extolls creative freedom. “No, I don’t listen to what they say,” she repeats on “idontlisten,” over skittering hyperpop drums and looping cinematic swells. In the song’s video, which Thompson directed, edited, colored and styled herself, she exhibits the power of creative destruction/negation. 3L3D3P joins WASTOIDS to discuss her hometown Los Angeles’ beautiful trash, smashing up an AT&T store, and share some of the inspo for her “idontlisten” video.

WASTOIDS: The “idontlisten” video is a trip. How did you come up with the concept?

3L3D3P: I watched a lot of classic videos. Like hours and hours of videos from the past. My brain managed to cook this up with little restraint.

Where did you find a convenience store willing to let you take it over and shoot the video?

I’m a regular at Happy Mart. And they were very happy to let me destroy their shop, free of charge because I buy so many hot dogs there.

Before making the “idontlisten,” had you ever daydreamed about trashing a shop like that? I definitely have, and I imagine it’s extremely fun. Is that the case? 

I hate to say, but I have destroyed a shop like that. It was an AT&T store. And I was particularly angry!

Before launching the 3L3D3P project, you played bass in the band Winona and with Puzzle. Do you play any other instruments?

Ahh, I play guitar and keys, drums just a little bit and I’m currently taking up the nose flute; I can play pretty much any instrument if I’m given enough time with it.

Your videos and album art are very specific, and feel equally inspired by fashion and anime. Is there interplay between what you wear and what kind of music you make?

What I wear is an outlet, so colors and styles sometimes are used to express moods and help further express the music itself. A lot of it is just stuff I like as well.

You grew up in Los Angeles. What neighborhood did you come from and how has the city shaped your view of music and art?

I lived near View Park, but grew up between a few areas; Crenshaw District, Inglewood, and Venice. Notable mention Hollywood as I was there everyday.  I’d say the chaos and clashing of cultures, worlds, sounds, and lifestyles that make Los Angeles whatever it is rings a big part of me and my perception of the world.  Los Angeles is a chaotic place; if you allow yourself to unhinge, you can embrace a lot of inspiration from even the most inopportune of scenarios, places and overall vibes.  There is beautiful trash everywhere in Los Angeles.

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