The Exbats “Like It Like I Do” | WASTOIDS DIGS

Hey, Bisbee-based rockers The Exbats are ex-back, with “Like It Like I Do,” the introductory ripper from the garage rockers fifth album, Song Machine, out October 13 from Goner Records. (Pre-order your copy right here, buddy.) Packed with high-grade jangle and a sweet, winsome melody, the charging jam comes complete with a music video filmed at Tucson’s Tanque Verde Swap Meet.

Led by Inez McLain and her father Kenny, Exbats also features Matt Rendon of The Resonars and Bobby Carlson of Wanda Junes.

“What I remember about that era is going to record stores and seeing a wall of 45s that somebody was tasked with moving around [in concordance with] the Billboard charts,” says Kenny McLain, in the group’s Bandcamp notes. “With our band we’re kinda moving things around on that towering wall of singles, as if it were from some sort of ancient tomb, and we’re trying to crack a code and make it to number one. So, I suppose, some magic door will open. And we’ll all be free? Or something like that.”

“I always felt like our progression is similar to that of the Kinks–starting off garage and punk and then becoming more deliberate about everything,” adds Inez.

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