Brittany “Ulna” Jones is 24-year-old artist based in the desert oasis of Phoenix, Arizona. She first began her artistic journey with pen ink visuals a decade ago. “I wasn’t at home much and needed something easy for on the go, and microns were perfect,” she explains. “My style in the medium has changed various times over the years leading to what it is currently, which I feel is a conglomeration of all of those styles”. Brittany started on her own, but eventually sought out schooling, taking a life drawing class with a particularly helpful teacher named Mr. Dickson. “He really helped me in the areas I was lacking and was really the only reason I ever showed up,” she says.

Inspirations for Brittany include Dadaism, an art style popularized in the early 1900s. Specific artists include Francis Bacon and Adam Medford, known for their gore-inspired collages. In the future, Brittany would like to work on even bigger canvases. “They’ve always been my favorite to so and lead to more spontaneous concepts for me,” she says. “I know bigger doesn’t always mean better, but the impact definitely is enhanced when it comes to my style when on a larger scale in my opinion.”

If you enjoyed this week’s WASTOIDS artist feature, make sure to follow Brittany on Instagram, where she has been selling multiple drawings in recent weeks. Brittany also has a Pateron that includes perks of one print every month. Have an artist you’d like to recommend for our series? Call us, 1-877-WASTOIDS and leave a message with a recommendation.

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