WASTOIDS DIGS: Weird Nightmare’s Beatific Ramones Vision

The beauty of a Ramones cover is that you can take the band’s minimalistic pop songs anywhere you please. You can play up the choppy and unrelenting tempos à la Bill Orcutt’s maddening A Mechanical Joey, or truncate familiar Ramones-ian moves to intro your own song à la Blink 182. Or you can go the route METZ member Alex Edkins has with his Sub Pop digital single “She’s the One,” a stunning, ballad-ized version of the Ramones classic. There’s more than a little bit of Beatles and girl group swoon to Weird Nightmare’s version, but of special note is the woozy pedal steel courtesy of Aaron Goldstein, which adds a touch of country/western charm to the wall of guitar jangle and chime.

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