Welcome to WASTOIDS Featured Artist, a weekly look at an artist/creator we think rules. We came across Jared Silbert of San Francisco via his work with our favorite psych-pop band, Healing Potpourri. Inspired by the natural landscape of Northern California, his mesmeric images are the result of his unique process: “I paint backwards on glass, using acrylic paint, spray paint and airbrush. I also create the shapes with stencil paper and an Exacto knife,” Silbert says.

Silbert attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, and it was there he began experimenting with screen printing, which continues to inspire the images he began creating upon moving to San Francisco: “I like to think of compositions in layers and exploring techniques using overlapping textures and hard edges,” Silbert says.  

Some of his favorite artists include geometric abstractionist Ronald Davis, expressionist Helen Frankenthaler, printmaker Jules Olitski, Morris Louis, and minimalist Frank Stella. While working in his shared studio space in the Mission with his friend, fellow artist Chelsea Ryoko Wong, Silbert tunes into calm/spaced-out music like German synthesist Claude Larson, the wide-ranging Japanese master Haruomi Hosono, and Vangelis, and he shouts out his SF pals Healing Potpourri and Young Prisms. His favorite music video? Cerrone’s “Supernature,” which is an absolute ripper:

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