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Last time we checked in with Blue Broderick of Diners, she hopped on the line to chat with us about the great Diners’ record Four Wheels and the Truth and The Beach Boys, “an endlessly fascinating band for fans…every member has their own deal.” But now Diners are back with the Mo Troper-produced Domino and if you thought that last one was a gem, just wait till you let this one rip. Diners have been one of the most consistently hooky crews in the indie-pop underground, but Domino dives headfirst into power pop waters with a guileless charm and tender heart that makes it an essential listen. And folks have taken notice. Writing for Pitchfork, Brad Shoup writes: “Broderick borrows from the playbook but isn’t buried in it: The snap and drive of these songs serve as edges against which she can hone her thoughts.”

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