Today’s featured artist is Lou Benesch, a 32-year old water-colorist from beautiful Paris, France. As a child, Lou would watch her father paint beautiful watercolor landscapes on holiday. “There was a learning curve but it’s really fascinating,” she says. Lou went on to attend La Cambre in Brussells, Belgium, for five years where they went on to obtain a master’s degree in drawing. Her set up today is on a large, industrial, work bench with her supplies surronding the desk in chaotic order. “I have a system and I know where I like everything to be, my palettes, water, brushes etc all have their places.”

While creating new pieces, Lou will listen to everything from ’90s rock, to Ethiopian Jazz, psychedelic Turkish music, and everything else in-between. Artists that currently inspire her work include Sarah La Puerta, Adam Shrewsbury, and Rae Klein.

Speaking on future plans, Lou is currently working to release her own tarot card deck with all original art. “78 painted cards is an enormous project to undertake but a truly fascinating and magical one… Although I love Paris I am planning on moving to somewhere that allows me to have more space for me, my work and the many animals I would like to surround myself with.”

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