Mitra Kim is a 30 year old, self-taught pastry chef based in sunny Los Angeles, California. Back when Mitra went vegan about 10 years ago, the options and variety for plant-based pastries were basically non-existent. “I hated the idea that I had to give anything up because of my lifestyle change,” she says. “I’ve always loved baking but wanted to branch out beyond the typical cupcakes and cookies, so I began experimenting with laminated pastries and ornately decorated cakes about a year ago”. Just last December, Mitra was invited by Brain Dead to sell her pastries at a pop up event, where everything she brought sold out in a matter of two hours. Afterwards, Kyle Ng (owner of Brain Dead) invited Mitra to sell her pastries regularly at the Slammers Café, located behind the brick & mortar store for Brain Dead. Starting with just weekends, her pastries are now available every day during the week for everyone to enjoy.

While first being known for her renowned Rose Crossiants, most baking inquiries Mitra receives now are for her delicious, eye-catching celebration cakes. “The best clients don’t send me cakes as inspiration, but instead, give me fun briefs and let me interpret them how I please. In my opinion, my best work has been a result of having no restrictions or hard and fast guidelines. I love when the people who reach out to me just want to have something I created and let me have fun with it”. Mitra Kim cited David Lebovitz, Alice Waters, and David Hockney’s use of colors as huge inspirations for her work in the kitchen. “I want things to be delicious but also, visually stunning, not just functional. I hope those who engage my products can feel the thought that goes into them.

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