Godpity is the alias of Trinidi Stevens, a multi-faceted artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Assembled using a mix of alcohol-based markers, colored pencils, spray paint, and ink pens, Godpity expands her art digitally from there (and sometimes, when working on show flyers, she’ll go fully digital).

Godpity got a head start on making art when she was only 4 years old. She became interested in mixed media at age 15. She went on to graduate from Metropolitan Arts Institute. Godpity has always used her “teeny tiny” bedroom to create her art, foregoing an actual art studio. “I have a 5×8 area of extra space in my bedroom so I have a little table I pop up when I need to work. I like working in small areas”.

Discussing inspirations, Godpity lists every thing from people watching to insects. “Bugs have a major role in my art, I incorporate them in almost every thing I draw or make”. She names Kimya Dawson, Matt Carignan, aaronsworld94, and Seth Kasselman as inspirations for her work and loves to listen to garage rock, surf punk, and art-rock while making new artwork.

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