Superchunk: Sunny Brixton | WASTOIDS Digs

Reach for the volume knob and turn it up: “Sunny Brixton,” the first taste of the legendary indie rock band Superchunk‘s forthcoming rarities collection, Misfits & Mistakes: Singles, B-sides & Strays 2007–2023, featuring a whopping 50 songs.

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“I’ve always liked artists who are prolific—throwing out singles in between albums when you least expect it,” says front person Mac McCaughan in a statement from Merge. “A surprise release from your favorite band is one of the few things that can still bring a little excitement to what can seem like an endless deluge of ‘content’ (puke). Hopefully the wild swings between lo & hi fi and originals and covers on this comp still allow for some coherence and, more importantly, convey what’s FUN about this punk rock thing.”

Fun is great word to describe “Sunny Brixton,” which originally appeared as the b-side of the group’s Learned to Surf 7″ from 2011. Inspired by the band’s soundman Joe Hickey, it features lyrics about getting cops high, it’s undeniable melody, lurching riffs, and speedy pep, it’s a gem with a universally relatable core: “This is not where we belong/but it’s where we are right now.”

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