Clairaudience: Chatting With Diane Coffee

At its best, music offers us a chance at time travel, transporting us back to moments in our past. That happens over and over again on the With People, the latest album from Shaun Fleming’s Diane Coffee project. Produced by Jonathan Rado of Foxygen, it blends ’70s style folk-rock with orchestral pop flourishes and focuses in on their youth in Agoura Hills, California. Fleming joins Clairaudience host Ersa Lowly tonight to discuss the album, the nostalgic power of Pink Floyd, and of course, discuss a visit with Harry Nilsson.

Clairaudience: Imaginary Friends

You have tuned your mental radio to a very particular frequency and entered a phantasmagorical zone, one in which you mustn’t take things too literally, but you must also be sure to take them seriously. It’s time for Clairaudience, with Ersa Lowly. Tonight, we hear from a 1-877-WASTOIDS caller who shares a story about their imaginary friend, and then turn to the work of esotericist Alexandra David-Neel on the topic of “tulpas”—imaginary beings come to life—for some answers. 

Clairaudience: Astral Float

Tonight on our weekly blend of far out sounds and strange insights, your host Ersa Lowly is exploring the notion of astral projection, or spirit walking, or “out of body experiences.” We’ll hear from pioneering figure Robert A. Monroe, checking out his book Journeys Out of the Body, and take a call from “Billy,” who experienced his own nighttime astral event.