Clairaudience: Teleport Me Away

Next time you listen to theoretical scientists describing the world of quantum physics, listen to the terminology they use. You’ll find it sounds a bit…far out. “Teleportation” is one such term. It’s possible, in the realm of quantum mechanics, to transport information through the waves, though they haven’t cracked the matter of, well, teleporting matter just yet. But if you wander into the world of myth, religion, art, and music, you’ll find stories of teleportation everywhere. And tonight, we have word from a 1-877-WASTOIDS caller about strange orbs in the sky that can do just that…teleporting across the sky. Plus, strange instrumental tunes from Combustible Edison, James Ferraro, Pneumatic Tubes, and Sam Means.

Songs featured in this episode: 

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

Combustible Edison, “Utopia”

James Ferraro, “Remote Control Under The Couch

Pneumatic Tubes, “Joyous Lake” 

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Clairaudience is channeled by Mandi Kimes, features original music and sounds by Sam Means, and is written and produced by Jason P. Woodbury.

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