Clairaudience: Love at Church Camp

Love is a funny thing. We don’t control it. It’s more like it controls us. Tonight on Clairaudience, your host Ersa Lowly hears from a 1-877-WASTOIDS caller who shares a message about their time at church camp…sharing the feeling of falling in young love and much more. Plus, far out synth sounds from Don Muro, electronic bliss from Mort Garson, and space ambiance from Troyka.

Mort Garson, Electronic Hair Pieces (1969)

Songs featured in this episode: 

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

Don Muro, “Summer of ’72” (From Off We Go: More Synth Pop from 1970-1979 on Flannelgraph Records)

Mort Garson-Where Do I Go?

Mike Mandel, “Keyboard Boogie (Excerpt)” 

Troyka, “Early Morning”

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Clairaudience is channeled by Mandi Kimes, features original music and sounds by Sam Means, and is produced by Jason P. Woodbury.

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