Clairaudience: Scattered Thoughts

Ersa Lowly’s topics here on Clairaudience tend toward the lofty, the paranormal, and the mystical, as above, so below. We often imagine there’s a dividing line between high and low experiences, but it’s all, pardon our French, composed of the same shit. Our lowest moment is connected to our highest; our most embarrassing story says as much about us as our most laudable. So we’re engaging in a bathroom story tonight from the 1-877-WASTOIDS hotline. Plus, far out tunes from the Science Fiction Corporation, Scott Blair from Eugene’s Electronic Music Collective, and Raymond Scott. 

Tunes heard in this episode:

Science Fiction Corporation, “Flirtation On Venus” (Finders Keepers)

Scott Blair, “Dance Pacific” (Numero Group)

Raymond Scott, “Lightworks (Instrumental)” (More info)

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Clairaudience is channeled by Mandi Kimes, features original music and sounds by Sam Means, and is written and produced by Jason P. Woodbury. The Clairaudience theme is “Mooganga,” by Bobby Christian. 

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