Click Vortex: Punk Rock Time Travel with Meat Puppets

You may find yourself going down a rabbit hole…from beyond the mind’s eye, it’s Click Vortex with Sam and Jason. This episode was recorded live on-stage at Crescent Ballroom Sunday, March 26th. Your intrepid Click hosts were joined by MC Decoy Deloy, Andy, Candy, Blake, and Nick of Astrologer, and Elmo and Cris Kirkwood of The Meat Puppets, who joined to discuss their history, future plans, and take a walk down memory lane via some incredible images Sam pulled up.

The Spindle: Devo, “Whip It”

You’ve probably heard Devo’s “Whip It”—but have you heard all the stories behind it? On this all-new episode of The Spindle podcast, Marc and John welcome guest Evie Nagy, author of the 33.3 book Devo’s Freedom Of Choice, to dive into the tales of this deep and weird single, which somehow made the top 20 despite people (wrongly) assuming that it was about masturbation. Find out what “Whip It” really means, this week on the Spindle!

Click Vortex: Cleaners From Comic Books

That jangle, tho. It’s time for an all-new, all-different Click Vortex livestream with Sam Means (The Format/Hello Merch) and Jason P. Woodbury (Aquarium Drunkard/JPW). This week, the guys (and all our friends in the live chat) discuss Arby’s, Two-Lane Blacktop, Cleaners From Venus, Martin Newell, XTC, John Leckie, ulcers, and the tragic and outrageous history of Revolutionary Comics’ unauthorized bootleg comics about rock stars.

The Spindle: “One Nation Under A Groove” Parts I & II

Today on The Spindle, Marc and John drop the needle on the biggest single by Funkadelic, 1978’s “One Nation Under A Groove” Parts I & II. Riding the top of the Billboard Soul charts for six weeks, this song was Funkadelic’s National Anthem, a call for unity catalyzed by gigantic funk hooks. Devoted to hitting the “one,” the group turns well-worn words into new mantras, all in service of a groove that seemed like it could last forever.