The Special Podness: Life Goes By

This is our final episode of the podcast for now, and in it we’re going under the hood to discuss where Pat’s inspirations as a songwriter, discuss the band’s time on Weezer’s Enlightenment Tour, shows with Audioslave and The Foo Fighters, airplay on LA rock station KROQ, and how The Special Goodness leveled up by connecting with Epitaph Records.

The Spindle: New Order, “Temptation” b/w “Hurt”

Released at the dawn of the remix era, New Order’s “Temptation” b/w “Hurt” came in two formats—33 ⅓ speed 7” and 45 RPM 12”—on the same May 10, 1982. With this single, bassist Peter Hook, keyboardist/guitarist Gillian Gilbert, drummer Stephen Morris, and guitarist/vocalist Bernard Sumner stepped out from Joy Division’s shadow to establish themselves as a distinct entity. Painstakingly played alongside sequencers, Hook’s melodic bass to Sumner’s mantric vocals are unmistakable.

WASTOIDS With….Dale Hollow

Today on WASTOIDS With, we’re talking with country singer and raconteur Dale Hollow. “Yours truly” might possess signature yellow lens glasses and a Manu Ginobili-like frame—with a wit and tongue ‘n cheek bravado to match—but behind all that is a distinct voice, delivered with the ease of a natural songsmith. For this WASTOIDS chat, Hollow sits down with Duwaun Johnson of The Country Brothers to talk about how he hooked up with masked singer Orville Peck, his love of basketball, his cover of the 2010 dance sensation “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn, and his favorite Coen Brothers movies.