Clairaudience: Chatting With Diane Coffee

At its best, music offers us a chance at time travel, transporting us back to moments in our past. That happens over and over again on With People, the latest album from Shaun Fleming’s Diane Coffee project. Produced by Jonathan Rado of Foxygen, it blends ’70s style folk-rock with orchestral pop flourishes and focuses in on their youth in Agoura Hills, California. Fleming joins Clairaudience host Ersa Lowly tonight to discuss the album, the nostalgic power of Pink Floyd, and of course, discuss a visit with Harry Nilsson. With People is released April 29 and is available now for preorder from Polyvinyl Records. 

Tunes heard in this episode: 

Diane Coffee, “The Great Escape”

Diane Coffee, “Forecast”

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