Clairaudience: Ersa’s Farewell

Yesterday becomes tomorrow and today fades into nothing more than a passing dream. Are you in the grind, listener? The never-ending routine? Clearing inboxes, paying bills, shuffling obligations, rescheduling catch ups with friends?

They say there’s nothing new under the sun. So often it feels that way. But then again, something occasionally comes along to shatter that adage. A rare occurrence, a special flash of kaleidoscopic novelty. A spark of innovation, a mental vision so bright it temporarily blinds your third eye. A phantom touch. The overpowering scent of flowers. A whispered word that isn’t quite audible yet rings out in your inner ear, resonating internally and eternally: a word that is, CLAIRAUDIENCE.

Inspiration is a funny thing. It arrives without warning and you must not think, you must act. Time dissipates energy; delay will not serve you. A summer adventure is calling our host Ersa away…and so this is the final episode of Clairaudience for now. But never fear: the archives are still spinning in our 24/7 WASTOIDS SOUND SYSTEM.

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Clairaudience is channeled by Mandi Kimes, features original music and sounds by Sam Means, and is written and produced by Jason P. Woodbury. The Clairaudience theme is “Mooganga,” by Bobby Christian. 

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