Clairaudience: Mere Coincidence

Do you see repeating numbers? Tend to notice the same color everywhere you go? Ever received a phone call from a friend just as you were thinking about them? 

The ultra-rational among us might call these occurrences “mere coincidence.” Those a little farther out might label them “serendipity.” And then there are those who go even deeper with possibility and note these moments as signs from the universe itself, symbols aligning to communicate cosmic truths. 

However you classify, there’s no getting around the uncanny sensation that accompanies a moment that feels scripted by some unseen hand. Forces are at work around us, they impose upon us and we, perhaps, may impose upon them as well. The keen wanderer learns how to spot markers on the path, even if they’re wandering without a map. Please make note of the time, listener. What time is it right now? Well, it’s time for Clairaudience, on WASTOIDS.

Songs featured in this episode: 

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga” 

Frank Comstock and His Orchestra, “Out of This World” 

The Science Fiction Corporation, “Galactic Adventures Of The Outer Space Fleet”

Mike Mandel, “Bass Boogie” (Excerpt)

The Roger Webb Sound, “Dreamy” 

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Clairaudience is produced by Jason P. Woodbury, channeled by Mandi Kimes, and features original music and sounds by Sam Means.

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