Decoy Deloy sits down with UK surf/psych rippers Los Bitchos backstage at the Valley Bar and shares music news about Horse Jumper of Love, Alan Paloma, Mac Demarco, and Keanu Reeves‘ grunge band Dogstar.

Hanging With Los Bitchos

We’re kicking this week’s bulletin off with a report from the Valley Bar, where your intrepid host caught up with UK based surf psych rippers Los Bitchos to discuss guitar pedals, “Tequila,” and Crocs.

Horse Jumper of Love-Heartbreak Rules

Boston slowcore band Horse Jumper of Love has announced a new mini album, Heartbreak Rules, out May 19 from Run For Cover Records.

Dogstar Returns

John Wick star Keanu Reeves has united with his ‘90s band Dogstar. The grunge trio took to Instagram to announce they’re rolling out new music this summer. The band’s last album was 2000’s Happy Ending.

Alan Palomo and Mac Demarco Hit the Nude Beach

And to close, Alan Palomo, who has recorded under the name Neon Indian, has released a new song, “Nudista Mundial ’89,” featuring Mac DeMarco, who apparently wasn’t busy enough with his new 199-track album One Wayne G.


WASTOIDS Music News is brought to you by Hello Merch—check out the latest and greatest from Los Bitchos (branded Crocs not YET in existence).

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