Dethklok and Descendents, Khruangbin Live Series, Fyre Fest 2? | WASTOIDS Music News

Coming at you each and every Friday, it’s WASTOIDS Music News, brought to you by Hello Merch. Our stories this week: Animated metal band Dethklok announces tour with Babymetal and new Metalocalypse movie; Texas chill-psych trio Khruangbin launches live album series with Nubya Garcia, Men I Trust, Toro y Moi, and more.; Phoenix psych rockers Vid Nelson go viral at Home Depot; Circle Jerks and Descendents tour the midwest; and Billy McFarland kinda sorta announces a Fyre Fest 2, which will definitely happen and isn’t at all another scam. All that plus a new Eels, Blinking Lights and Other Revelations boxset at Hello Merch and Decoy Deloy’s 69th annual Freak Fest, featuring Buck Gooter and more, April 21 at the Lost Leaf.

All-American Rejects, North Americans, Crocodiles | WASTOIDS Music News

Every emo band you ever loved are heading out on tour. The All-American Rejects launch the Wet Hot All-American Summer Tour, power pop classic Guitar Romantic by The Exploding Hearts reissued, new music from ambient country duo North Americans, garage power pop duo Crocodiles share “Upside Down in Heaven” video, and John Vanderslice hooks up with WASTOIDS to answer YOUR questions.