RIP Jack Curtis, Source Family, Ozzy Wants to Rock | WASTOIDS Music News March 3, 2023

Broadcasting from 850 W Lincoln, Decoy Deloy is back with music news you can use. This week: Remembering Phoenix music legend Jack Curtis, The Source Family cult celebrates the Source Family Scrapbook with a tour of California, and Ozzy Osbourne says he wants to keep rocking.

We begin this week’s broadcast on a sad note: On February 22nd, 2023, Calvin Dennis (“Jack”) Curtis passed away at the age of 88. Over his long life, Jack wore many hats, as a songwriter, record producer, entertainment writer, TV host, and much more. His influence can be felt in Arizona’s pop, R&B, and garage rock scene.  As the founder of the pioneering Phoenix label Mascot Records, Curtis discovered a young Alice Cooper and produced and released three songs by Cooper’s band, The Spiders.  He opened a club, Stage 7, later known as the VIP Room, where Mike Condello of The Wallace and Ladmo Show got his start alongside Charlie Gearheart, founder of the ‘70s country rock band Goose Creek Symphony. After his days in the music biz spotlight, Curtis worked with the City of Phoenix and opened his own agency. In 1988, Governor Rose Mofford issued a State proclamation declaring December 20th “Jack Curtis Day” in honor of his achievements. Jack’s mark can still be felt throughout the state. His family has asked for donations in his name be directed to the school music program The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

In other news, Sacred Bones Records has announced The Source Family Scrapbook tour, a series of four events centered around the infamous and storied Source Family cult out of California. Last year, Sacred Bones released Family: The Source Family Scrapbook, an intimate look at the Southern California occult commune The Brotherhood of the Source, which was led by Jim Baker, AKA Father Yod.The events take place May 22-26th and include stops at The Philosophical Research Society, Dry Gulch Ranch, and Arcana Books and celebrate the release of the book and the10th anniversary of the incredible documentary, The Source Family. Check out our interview with director Jodi Wille and Source Family member Isis Aquarian.

And now and update. In our first broadcast, we reported that Ozzy Osbourne would be retiring from the road. But this week on Ozzy’s Boneyard on Sirius XM, Ozzy offered an update, saying he will hopefully be able to tour again someday, once he gets an OK from his doctor. Get well soon, Ozzy!

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