WASTOIDS With: The Source Family

Among the crop of intentional communities and cults that sprang out of the counter culture of the late ’60s and the ’70s, few are as mythic as The Source Family. On this special installment of WASTOIDS With, we speak with Source Family historian Isis Aquarian and director Jodi Wille, who brought the family’s story to the big screen with the 2012 documentary The Source Family. 

Isis and Jodi joined WASTOIDS to discuss The Source Family Scrapbook (Sacred Bones Records), a collection of pictures, letters, clippings, flyers, and album art from the occult community. Isis and Jodi join Charlie Kitchings on a tour of California that runs March 22-26th, 2023, celebrating the book and the 10th anniversary of the documentary. The tour includes stops at Manly P. Hall’s Philosophical Research SocietyDry Gulch Ranch, and Arcana Books, and elsewhere.

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