Today on WASTOIDS With we’re joined by painter Steve Keene and producer and photographer Dan Efram, who’s responsible for the newly released publication, The Steve Keene Art Book from Hat & Beard Press. Known for his album covers for artists like the Silver Jews, Apples in stereo, and Pavement as well as his distinct, impressionistic and playful style, Keene estimates he’s produced something like 300,000 works of art. Dedicated to a punk ethos of creating art quickly and selling it cheaply, it’s ultimately not hard to get your hands on a Keene—but that’s the whole point. Keene and Efram join us to discuss keeping it DIY, not falling prey to doubts, and making art as a way of life.

Wanna share your favorite Steve Keene painting with us? Got a Pavement song you’d like to hear us discuss? Something else on your mind? We’re here waiting for you, call 1-877-WASTOIDS. Studio photos by Jorge Santacruz.

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