extra_hot_club_mix just like any other artist, started by drawing in notebooks meant for school work. Trying to find their voice as an artist they found tattooing and haven’t looked back since. Remeniscent of styles of the likes of dirtyl00ks and Rita Salt, extra_hot_club_mix create a beautiful, colorful world of art that will live on forever.

Along with the artists mentioned above, they also recommend and love the works of Notcoolneverwas, Yuval Frisch, Varias Tatu, and Skkinz. Music they like to play while tattooing and sketching new flash include Sonic Youth, Young Thug, and Kate Bush.

For periodic updates on their work, follow extra_hot_club_mix on Instagram, and to get added to the waitlist for your own tattoo, email them at hotpinkconvertible@gmail.com .

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