The WASTOIDS Featured Artist series shines a light on some of our favorite creators from the worlds of music and art.

Today we’re looking at the tattoo artist Emerik Derome, aka dirtyl00ks.

Emerik has been an artist since 2011 and made their first flash sheet in the year 2015. Starting off with stick n poke,

he soon upgraded to gun and never looked back. Known for his quick hand, they can usually finish a tattoo within 10-20 minutes.

When working on new drawings in their sketchbook, Emerik likes to listen to Lana Del Rey, Brian Jonestown Massacre,

and Spacemen 3.

Other visual/tattoo artists they enjoy include cheaptruth9891, Bad CAMMOflage, Chris lloyd, and Sara Yukiko.

Outside of tattooing, Emerik also does graphic design from time to time, most notably for the Marc Jacobs F/W 2021 line,

which you can buy HERE.

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Check out their own website sorryimworkingonit.com for updates on their sketches/flash

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