Strange Gear: A Place to Bury Strangers

Hey, this is Strange Gear, a WASTOIDS presentation, a talk show about the unique gear artists use to create their sound. Our guest today is Oliver Ackermann of A Place to Bury Strangers and Death By Audio, a world renowned effects company he runs from New York. Ahead of the release of a new remix EP,ย Hologram: Destroyed and Disassembled, available November 26th on Dedstrange records, Oliver joined me to discuss one of his wildest devices: the Particle Wave Refracturer, which makes sounds like the ones youโ€™re hearing right now. Youโ€™ll hear more samples interspersed throughout our talk. This episode features recordings by Oliver Ackermann, Chris Parsons, Nick Reinhardt, and A Place to Bury Strangers.

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