Juliana Hatfield joins us on WASTOIDS With, where we link up with artists to discuss what makes them tick. Coming out of the Boston music scene of the ‘90s Hatfield played in groups like Blake Babies and The Lemonheads. Her voice is a marvel—which has made it especially interesting to check out her recent records, which find her interpreting classic songs from Olivia Newton John, The Police, and now, ELO.

Released on November 17th, Juliana Hatfield Sings ELO showcases songs like “Showdown,” “Can’t Get It Out of My Head,” “Secret Messages” and more. Like her other covers records, Hatfield maintains a reverence for these songs, but makes them feel like her own. It’s all part of the “Strange Magic” that goes into creating a great cover. Hatfield tells us more, and shares why she’s kept her landline, on this episode of WASTOIDS With.

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