Black Pumas, Diners, Margaret Glaspy, Danzig & More | Music News

Decoy Deloy is your man with a plan, and all the music news you need to know about. Learn about the forthcoming reissue of Glenn Danzig‘s 1981 debut solo single, the conspiracy theory-inspired โ€Who Killed Marilyn?โ€ [Click here to pre-order the new reissue via Cleopatra Records]

Plus, James Fella of experimental stalwart label Gilgongo Records shares a taste of Small Rooms, a lathe cut featuring โ€œan old school lo-fi collage of various live recordings.โ€ Available now ONLY at the Double Nickels Collective and Stinkweeds.

Plus, an all-new video segment, featuring WASTOIDS-approved videos:

Diners, “Someday I’ll Go Surfing” from Domino

Puddles Pity Party, “Maids Can’t Mop Up Memories” from Neil Hamburger Presents: Seasonal Depression Suite

John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, Daniel Davies, โ€œChariots of Pumpkins,โ€ from Anthology II: Movie Themes (1972-1988)

Margaret Glaspy, “Get Back” from Echo The Diamond

Black Pumas, “More Than a Love Song” from Chronicles of a Diamond

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