The Spindle: Thin White Rope – Ants Are Cavemen b/w Little Doll

Described as a cross between Johnny Cash and Black Sabbath, Davis, CA’s Thin White Rope were a gnarly desert rock band whose growling vocals and intertwined guitars sounded both scary and profound. Marc and John delve into their 1991 Sub Pop 7-inch “Ants are Cavemen” b/w “Little Doll,” giving you the lowdown on why Thin White Rope are one of the hidden treasures of 80s and 90s indie rock.

About The Spindle: The 7-inch record isn’t just a format—it’s an art form. On each episode of The Spindle podcast, music writer Marc Masters (Pitchfork, The Wire, Bandcamp) and music historian (and music maker) John Howard dive into a great 7-inch, dissecting its background, impact, and the reasons why it stands out as a small plastic piece of music history. 

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1 thought on “The Spindle: Thin White Rope – Ants Are Cavemen b/w Little Doll

  1. Hi guys… so fun hearing you review this 7″. I haven’t listened to Ants in years. I’m the drummer who was “beating the snot” (lol) out of the drums on the 7″, my first full album with TWR was Sack Full of Silver. I’ve missed TWR since the band broke up so many years ago. I’ve said many times that I would jump at a chance to do a reunion tour, but that wasn’t meant to be. Also funny coincidence, you mentioned the Feelies. I currently play in a band and our bass player stage manages the Feelies.

    And just to answer a question, Guy (amazing songwriter) had a fantastic and dry sense of humor while he also told stories of his impressions of the world around him. His humor is evident all through Ants.

    Anyway, thank you again for this review. It was awesome to hear TWR get some attention all these years later.

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