Magazine “Shot by Both Sides” b/w “My Mind Ain’t So Open” | The Spindle

This time around, Marc and John delve into what may be the first true post-punk single: Magazine’s 1978 7-inch ““Shot By Both Sides” backed with “My Mind Ain’t So Open.” Led by Howard Devoto, the former Buzzcock who was already disillusioned with punk, Magazine truly ripped it up and started again, pulling the music of late 70s UK into the future. Find out how on this episode of The Spindle!

The Spindle: Urge Overkill-Now That’s the Barclords b/w What’s This Generation Coming To?

This time around, Marc and John delve into the velour-covered, medallion-swinging riff-rock of Urge Overkill, and their 1991 7-inch “Now That’s The Barclords” backed with “What’s This Generation Coming To?” Is it a great single? Spoiler alert: Marc and John don’t agree! Find out who’s Siskel and who’s Ebert on the latest episode of the Spindle.

The Spindle: Red Transistor “Not Bite” b/w “We’re Not Crazy”

The notorious No Wave band Red Transistor didn’t actually release anything in their short existence—but their posthumous single “Not Bite” / “We’re Not Crazy,” recorded in 1977 but released by Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label in 1990. The single showcases how ahead of their time this chaotic noise punk band was, both in the cutting riffs, repetition, and rants of Rudolph Grey and Von Lmo and their legendarily destructive shows in which little on stage survived.