Decoy Deloy brings word of Travis Barker and Liquid Death‘s new Enema of the State enema kit, new tunes from Chicago hardcore crew Buggin, RIP Mark Stewart (The Pop Group), Buck Gooter‘s mixtape, and goods from the Weekly World News.

Travis Barker and Liquid Death Launch Enema Kit

Do you have $182 burning a hole in your pocket, a fondness for classic pop punk, and a desperate need to take a shit? Good news, in their latest stunt, Australian water sellers Liquid Death have teamed up with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker to launch a branded enema kit. Naturally, it’s called Enema of the State. 

Buggin Out 

Chicago hardcore crew Buggin have shared a new song from their forthcoming album Concrete Cowboys, out June 2nd from Flatspot Records. “Not Yours” finds frontperson Bryanna Bennett taking aim at the tokenization they’ve experienced in the music press. “I’m non-binary and I hate being thrown in ‘female fronted’ categories,” they said. “We just want to rock without people making it weird or only liking us for that reason.”

RIP Mark Stewart (Pop Group)

In sadder news, Mark Stewart, front man of post-punk legends The Pop Group passed away on Friday, April 21st, 2023. Stewart was a pioneer of blending genres—mixing early hip-hop, reggae, funk, industrial and punk. Stewart was known for saying “taste is a form of censorship.”

Buck Gooter

Buck Gooter blessed WASTOIDS with a new mix features a playlist of jams Billy would rock with his late partner Terry Turtle on the road. “Some selections I remember eliciting a ‘that’s cool’ or a nod-along from Turtle, but others would call for a full on sing along by the crammed denizens of the tourmobile.”

Weekly World News

WASTOIDS Music News is brought to you by Hello Merch—and this week, Hello’s dropped some rad frisbees from the Weekly World News—which is of course, one of the most legit places for news around. Batboy, bigfoot, aliens, Elvis—Hello’s got it all.

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