Welcome to Mixtape, our weekly feature where we hand the keys to the WASTOIDS Spotify account over to cool folks to share what they’re listening to.

We first shined a light on New York artist Matt “Favorite Vegetable” Durkin way back in September of 2021. Years later, he’s become one of WASTOIDS’ favorite artists, and when Click Vortex aired its infamous lost Band Shirt Day live podcast from Spotify’s NYC offices, it was Matt who tagged along to talk about his favorite band shirts—a subject the intrepid shirt maker knows a little something about. For proof, check out his Instagram, which is populated with dozens of incredible designs he’s created in commemoration of artists like Yes, Michael Nesmith, King Crimson, The Beach Boys, and so many more.

Today, he stops by WASTOIDS to share a mix of his favorite tunes as of late. Just like his varied creations suggest, his mix is eclectic and far ranging, grouping together early electronic music from Raymond Scott, Japanese music-making twins, Satoshi & Makoto, XTC, the Louvin Brothers, and the recently departed avant-icon Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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