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Music news coming in hot and fresh: Yo La Tengo sports drag, Metallica buys a vinyl pressing plant, Amyl and the Sniffers announce tour, Meg White haters work themselves up, and desert synth pop duo Body of Light share new single.

In a protest of Nashville’s restrictive and shitty drag performance laws, Yo La Tengo members sported drag at their show at the Basement East on March 13th. According to a report in The Tennessean, guitarist Ira Kaplan “wore makeup, a red dress and a long black wig” and bassist James McNew wore a “shawl and a sun hat.” Drummer Georgia Hubley just wore her normal clothes. In related news, Yo La Tengo’s new album is called This Stupid World. It’s out now and it rips. 

Australian punks Amyl and The Sniffers have announced a tour of the United States this fall. The band will be joined by Die Spitz. Check out a full list of tour dates—including a stop at The Van Buren in Phoenix on October 15.

Bay Area thrash band Metallica has purchased Furnace Recording Pressing in Virginia. The plant and Metallica have history. Furnace has been pressing Metallica vinyl for 15 years. Though light on details, CEO and founder Eric Astor told Billboard the plant will continue pressing non-Metallica projects too. Metallica joins Jack White’s Third Man Pressing as an example of artists getting hands on with vinyl production, which has been hamstrung and delayed over the last couple of years. Is this a hopeful sign for vinyl? Or a harbinger of something not so good? Let us know what you think by calling 1-877-WASTOIDS and leaving us a message. 

In related news, some dinguses on Twitter tried to make a stink about Meg White’s drumming this week. Pontificating about “Seven Nation Army,” writer Lachlan Markay stated “no band is better for having shitty percussion.” Music fans weighed in letting him exactly what they thought of his take. Markay returned to Twitter to admit he was off base and offer an apology to Meg: “I’ve been thinking to myself as all this—again, completely justified—hate comes in..why did I actually write that? …I’m not the asshole it made me out to be, or at least I try not to be.” He went on to reflect on how social media amplifies posts like his. He also added “bad music takes haver” to his bio. 

Arizona synth pop duo Body of Light has announced a new album Bitter Reflection. Recorded in Los Angeles, it incorporates piano, bass, synths, and, as single Never Ever indicates, some very tasty sax. The album is out June 30, 2023 via Dais Records. Pre-order the new album and catch BoL live:

April 8: Los Angeles, CA at Don Quiote | May 21: Phoenix, Arizona, at The Van Buren | June 15: Ft. Worth, TX at Tulips | June 16: San Antonio, TX at Vice Versa | June 17: Austin, TX at Empire Control Room & Garage| June 18: Houston, TX at Warehouse Live

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