George Harrison’s Dark Horse, Wednesday Visits “Bath County,” Bandcamp Intros Playlists | WASTOIDS Music News: February 24, 2023

Broadcasting from 850 W Lincoln, Decoy Deloy is back with music news you can use. This week: George Harrison brings his solo catalog to Dark Horse Records, country shoegaze band Wednesday visits “Bath County,” and Bandcamp introduces a new playlists.

On February 25, the late George Harrison would have turned 80 years old. To celebrate, the Harrison Estate has announced his solo catalog is coming to Dark Horse Records. Originally founded by Harrison in 1974, Dark Horse will now oversee Harrison’s discography and publishing. To mark the occasion, his solo classics are now available in remastered Dolby Atmos surround. Hear these songs now made anew on Apple Music—not to be confused with the Beatles’ own Apple Records. Between 1978 and 2006, the computer company and the Beatles feuded over the “Apple” name in a series of court battles. Guess they got over it!

In other news, country shoegazers Wednesday have released “Bath County,” a new single from the band’s forthcoming album Rat Saw God, out April 7th from Dead Oceans. The new song was inspired by a road trip to Virginia, namechecks the Drive-By Truckers, and references a life saving dose of Narcan administered to an OD victim the band encountered on route to Dollywood.The video for the song was directed by songwriter Karly Hartzman and was inspired by PJ Harvey’s video for “Man-Size.” We love Wednesday, and you can watch a video of the band live from Groundworks in Tucson as part of WASTOIDS Season One.

To close, Bandcamp has announced a new playlist function. In the digital music sphere, Bandcamp remains one of the most equitable deals for independent musicians. And now, they’ve got a new playlist feature available to use in their Android and iOS apps. Last year, Bandcamp was purchased by Epic Games, makers of the popular Fortnite series. Bandcamp also recently announced the curation of Fortnite’s Radio Underground music player. The playlisting feature is very welcome, but it’s not without a few hang ups. Songs can only be selected from a user’s purchased music selections, but can be downloaded for offline listening. Bandcamp promises more playlist features soon; here’s hoping they’ll get on allowing listeners to share playlists with each other.

That’s gonna do it. WASTOIDS Music News is brought to you by Hello Merch. This week, Hello has launched a new store from Adrian Quesada, known for his work with Black Pumas, Brownout, Grupo Fantasma, and his own psychedelic Latin solo records. 

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