The Spindle: Black Flag, TV Party EP

In 1982, Black Flag found themselves in the unlikely position of having what seemed like a potential “hit record.” A satirical jab at the couch potato schlubs complete with peppy handclaps insisted on by their handlers, “TV Party” was released by SST and Unicorn Records, a division of the major label imprint MCA, in 1982. Backed with “I’ve Got To Run” and “My Rules,” the EP finds Black Flag at the height of its powers, led by the snarling Henry Rollins. On this episode of The Spindle, Marc and John drop the needle and reflect on this classic punk standard—and reflect on the “punk episode” of Quincy.

About The Spindle: The 7-inch record isn’t just a format—it’s an art form. On each episode of The Spindle podcast, music writer Marc Masters (Pitchfork, The Wire, Bandcamp) and music historian (and music maker) John Howard dive into a great 7-inch, dissecting its background, impact, and the reasons why it stands out as a small plastic piece of music history. 

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