Click Vortex: Never Got a Ladmo Bag

Your clicking duo is more than a little excited about WASTOIDS season one, our four-episode anthology series now streaming on Night Flight Plus. For this episode, Sam and Jason use Night Flight as a starting point and let their scrappy television production imaginations run wild from there. True crime, tragedy, regional children’s shows, psychedelia, Weird Al, art pop madness: this episode of Click Vortex from WASTOIDS has it all.

To start, Sam digs into the history of Boston’s WVJV-TV channel 66, an upstart TV station at the heart of the documentary Life on the V: The Story of V66Then he draws imaginary (or not?) lines connecting Weird Al Yankovic’s classic 1989 movie UHF and Phoenix children’s show The Wallace and Ladmo Show, and drops the needle on music from their bandleader, Mike Condello. 

Then, Jason unpacks the sordid story of New Wave Theatre, exploring the discography of Peter Ivers (known for his work on David Lynch’s classic, Eraserhead), David “The Acid King” Jove, Ed Ochs, and the short lived follow-up program The Top with Andy Kaufman

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