WASTOIDS With: Stuart S. Shapiro of Night Flight

WASTOIDS is coming to our favorite streaming service, Night Flight Plus, on September 30th, with a four-episode anthology series baked and fried in the Sonoran Desert and New York City. Featuring some of our favorite live performances from bands like Wednesday, Supercrush, Portrayal of Guilt, Reptaliens, and more, oddball skits, video segments, demented fun, WASTOIDS lo-fi fever dream, available only on Night Flight Plus. 

And because we’re so excited, we figured we’d celebrate with Mr. Night Flight himself, Stuart S. Shapiro. He launched his career as a concept promoter and independent film distributor in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, working with movies like TunnelVision and Neil Young’s Rust Never Sleeps. In 1981, he created Night Flight, ushering in a pre-MTV vision that encompassed everything from dubbed out reggae to anarchic punk rock, debauched heavy metal, and sleek new wave. He’s also the author of a book—IDENTIFi YOURSELF: A Journey In Fuck You Creative Courage. In 2016, he relaunched Night Flight as a streaming channel, packed with hundreds of wild horror and sci-fi flicks, a huge library of music docs, original Night Flight programming, and now, WASTOIDS.

What’s your favorite late night view? Wanna suggest your favorite thing to watch on Night Flight? Wanna call and tell us we’ve got something in our teeth? Ring 1-877-WASTOIDS today to convey whatever demented thought is on your mind.

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