Hello internet, WASTOIDS With is back with Arkansas’ own Dylan Earl, sitting down for another honky tonk-themed episode with DuWaun Johnson, co-host of one of WASTOIDS’ favorite podcasts, The Country Brothers. Over on his Bandcamp page, where one can sample from his collection of hard working, honest country music, Earl writes: “I’m from where I woke up this morning. I write the songs that come to mind and struggle with the ones that don’t. I find humor in misconceptions and solace in laughter, love in the street and fire in the eyes of the marginalized.” For this WASTOIDS chat he illuminates where he’s coming from artistically, dishes on the Razorbacks, delves into his pluralistic view of country music, and finally answers the question on everybody’s mind: what’s the craziest thing he’s done wearing Crocs?

Got a thought to share about Croc wearing country stars, your favorite country song, or anything else? Ring us up at 1-877-WASTOIDS and leave us a message. 

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