Sydney Pearcey

Sydney Pearcey is a tattoo artist from Seattle, Washington. Growing up, Sydney had parents who were heavily tattooed, so it never a taboo subject in their household like many others. “I’ve always looked up to my parents, I thought they were so cool, so automatically I thought their tattoos were cool.” Ever since getting some temporary tattoos in while on a trip to Venice Beach, Sydney had wanted her own, and to give them to everyone who wanted them. They didn’t wait long, either, because at the age of 14 she gave herself a Beat Happening tattoo using only a safety pin and ballpoint pen ink. Fast forward to today, they have their own private studio in Seattle with their friends Lou and Ash.

For other tattoo artists that inspire them, Sydney lists Collin Buhr of Electric Chair(best band out today), Luckyyystarrr, Abysskiss3, and anatomy_garden. “There’s countless more I’m forgetting in the moment, but so so so so many good tattoo artists today!”. While creating new flash, Sydney listens to a constant mix of The Breeders, The Zombies, Wire, Badbadnotgood, and her favorite artist of all time, Kate Bush. Other artist inspiration comes from legendary director Spike Jonze, who has probably made one of your favorite music videos most likely. “I thrifted a Spike Jonze compilation DVD, it has a bunch of his interviews and what not, but also had every music video he’s directed. They’re all amazing, but Drop is my favorite, forever. 

Make sure to give Sydney a follow on Instagram if you are in the Seattle area and would like to get a tattoo from her. For anyone outside of Seattle, Sydney is currently preparing on doing guest spots in LA and the end of June, along with a move to The Big Apple later this year!

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