Annie Isobell Hall

Annie Isobel Hall is a 23-year-old knitwear designer who resides in Leeds UK. She’s a knitmaker whose designs are eye catching and immediate. She’s been knitting since she was just a child. “My granny taught me how to,” she explains. But while she’s a modern knitter—she uses a KH950i Brother Knitting Machine as well as a recently acquired Passap e6000—there’s a nostalgic core at the center of her art. She cites the inspiration for a striped jumper she recently gave away to a follower on Instagram as an example. “It’s my favorite as it reminds me of clothes my parents used to dress me and my sister in as kids,” she says. “It also has a kind of comic book/Scott Pilgrim vibe to it, which I used to love as a teenager (and still do).”

Hall currently works from home, which leads to her set up being cramped with “knitting machines and a lot of wool in my bedroom.” She’s a big fan of fellow knitters Annie Lee Larson , Megan Ellie, and Lucy Baxter. While working on knits, she likes to listen to the radio, particularly BBC 6. “I guess I lean toward uplifting music,” she says, citing Paul Simon, Groove Armada, Orlando Weeks, Mdou Moctar, Johnny Flynn, Genesis Owusu, and the late, great Amy Winehouse as favorites, but tends to listen to audiobooks while knitting.

When it’s time to relax, she tends toward wholesome fare like her favorite show, Detectorists, about two friends who search for metal valuables in Essex, and DIY home renovation videos on YouTube. “A big goal of mine is to one day be able to buy a flat/house and to paint some walls crazily and do a big mosaic in the bathroom,” she says. If you wanna help her told that goal, you can check out her work on Instagram and official site.

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