Out of Site: Wednesday

Rumbling out of Asheville, North Carolina, Wednesday conjures up the sound of a world in which Weezer followed up Pinkerton with a country album, or in which Lucinda Williams hired My Bloody Valentine as her backing band. Led by vocalist/guitarist Karly Hartzman with guitarist Jake Lenderman, bassist Margo Schultz, drummer Alan Miller, and Xandy Chelmis on lap steel, the band recently rolled through Tucson, Arizona, stopping by the all-ages non-profit venue Groundworks to share two songs 2021 album Twin Plagues, the dizzying “Toothache” and the devastating title track.

Head over to Wednesday’s Bandcamp page, follow them on Instagram, and Twitter. Check out more music from Orindal Records. Special thanks to Logan and Nico at Groundworks for helping us with the recording of this performance.

Photo by Trevor Novatin.

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