Autumn Kidd is a 22-year old film photographer born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Whether shooting 35mm, 120, or Polaroid film, she’s all over it. Her current setup is a Canon AE-1—the first film camera she purchased—along with a Mamiya RB67 and, when a shoot feels really special, her Polaroid One Shot. Autumn recommends Phoenix Film Revival and “the best place ever” Tempe Camera for local film development.

Autumn became interested with photography in a high school class where kids were free to use a giant dark room and develop everything they wanted, but Autumn admittedly says they didn’t take it serious at all. “I’d show up to class stoned and fuck off,” says says, speaking like a true WASTOID. Her “all-in” moment in photography came later, when a friend asked her to help with a sand dune shoot using LomoChrome purple film. “I couldn’t stop,” she says. “The idea of manipulating an image captivated me and I’ve been exploring that ever since.”

Autumn gets inspired by everything in the world of art, illustration, music, longing, and life itself. One of her favorite current artists is German filmmaker Wim Wenders. “His work and use of colors has made me cry more times than I’d like to admit.” Robert Smith and The Cure in general are another source of inspiration. “The way he is able to weave words together so well and create such vivid imagery is something I always come back for.” She is also able to find inspiration and guiding thoughts from her brother Isaiah. “He is someone I can share any idea with and he will tell it like it is, and share just as much in return.

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