Clairaudience: Imagine That

How is your imagination doing tonight listener? Have you indulged it lately? We get so caught up in our day to day existence, in the errands we need to run, the appointments we must keep, and the notifications our phones feed us, that we forget the endless depths of our own minds. It can easily start to feel like there’s simply no time for the infinite. We forget so easily that, at any moment, we can go inside that space and be treated to visions of…anything.

Tonight, Ersa Lowly brings you sounds and ideas to spark your imagination, plus producer Jason and music director Sam join the show to discuss one of the coolest and most imaginative places on the internet: Night Flight Plus, home to the original ’80s sensation Night Flight, plus an immersive library of music documentaries, horror, sci-fi, and cult fare. And now, WASTOIDS listeners can get $10 off their annual membership.

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Songs featured in this episode: 

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga” 

Bob Keene Orchestra, “Swahili” (Purchase)

Ralph Sutton, “Echoes of Spring” (Fragments) 

Spinning Clocks, “Silver UFOs” (Purchase)

Benoit Hutin, “Nocturne”

Clairaudience is produced by Jason P. Woodbury, channeled by Mandi Kimes, and features original music and sounds by Sam Means.

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