Caroline Mills is an illustrator and printmaker born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She was enamored with drawing at a young age, preferring to create new doodles rather than to go out and play. One of the first drawings she remembers doing is Sandy from Grease (Pink Ladies forever!).

Caroline started to take art more seriously in high school, primarly focusing on the anatomy and faces of human beings. She begin to think art would be the only thing she’d be successful in (not true) so she applied to art school, and began her career in illustration. Caroline reflects a lot on her childhood for inspiration on her drawings today.

When creating a new piece, Caroline likes listening to The Specials, T-Rex, A Tribe Called Quest, and The Kinks. Other artists that inspire her include Shana Sadeghi-Ray, Brianna Miller, and Trenton Doyle Hancock, among others.

If you enjoy Caroline’s art, make sure to give her a follow on Instagram, as well as buy a print or even an original drawing at her store.

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