Clairaudience: Nightmares Are Still Dreams

It’s Tuesday night and Ersa Lowly is thinking about dreaming. At the start of the pandemic, there were widespread reports of a surge in stress dreams. Did you suffer through that wave? Are you still going through it? Sleep journeys can be mundane. What’s worse than a dream where you dream about going to work or a routine appointment? Or they can be exhilarating, like when you’re soaring high in the air. Or terrifying, like when you have one of those awful falling dreams. Dreams, like life itself, are a mixed bag. But if you’re lucky, if you practice even, they can be magical. Perhaps this evening’s episode of Clairaudience will be of use as you’re carried away into dreamland. 

Selections heard on this episode: 

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

The Harmonichords, “If” 

Tom Dissevelt, “Vibration” 

Ralph Sutton, “In the Dark” 

Jack Gustafson, “The Song Is Over”

Clairaudience is produced by Jason Woodbury, channeled by Mandi Kimes, and features original music and sounds by Sam Means. Our art this week features Henry Fuseli’s The Nightmare (1781).

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