What’s that ringing on the wind? The chimes of a new year are ringing, echoing with possibility. Have you got your resolutions handy? Are you prepared to discuss adjusting your habits and renouncing your vices? 


Well don’t worry, you don’t need to worry about any of that for the next quarter hour. No pressures, self-imposed or otherwise, no commands, just…Ersa Lowly with a quarter-hour of mellow music and strange calls: Clairaudience on WASTOIDS. 

Selections heard on this episode: 

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

Jerry Heiman, “Taboo” 

Soft Rock, “Orion” 

Mike Mandel, “Bass Boogie”

Benoit Hutin, “Nocturne”

Billy Mize, “The Windward Isle”

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