This week’s featured artist is none other than Broward County, Florida illustrator Amy Dorian.

Amy Dorian, like most artists we’ve had on here, has been making art her entire life. Growing up she would rather make art than play sports or socialize. When she reached high school, she realized had a real talent and decided to take her art seriously, drawing inspiration from everyday objects like old cassette tapes, vintage concert posters, wonky hand painted signs, and just about everything in-between.

Music is obviously a big inspiration for Amy. She listens to ’70s jazz, ’90s grunge, classic rock, and modern pop such as Pinkpanthresss and Sahbabii while making art.

Other artists she loves include the late Henry Darger, Nadia Lee Cohen, Blair Whiteford, Tara Atefi, and former WASTOIDS featured artist Sara Yukiko.

Make sure to visit Amy Dorian’s Store to purchase your own Amy Dorian original, but be fast! They’re short runs and sell out super quick. For updates on Amy and her work, follow her on Instagram HERE.

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