Clairaudience: Halcyon Days

The winter brings many things: Familial obligations, awkward holiday parties, stores crammed with shoppers. But the winter brings something else: a sense of deep quiet, a time to slow down, bundle up and ease into the long nights as we await brighter mornings. We’re passing through the frosty crucible, listener. And on the other side? Why, it’s Clairaudience on WASTOIDS, with your host Ersa Lowly. Each Tuesday night she manifests via ones and zeros from the studio at Hello Lincoln, bringing you a collection of mellow tunes for relaxing and odd messages from the 1-877-WASTOIDS hotline. 

Music heard in this episode:

Bobby Christian, “Mooganga”

Dick Schory’s New Percussion Ensemble, “Baia” 

Bobby Christian, “Always Needing You” 

Mike Mandel, “Bass Boogie (Excerpt)”

Spinning Clocks, “Lunar Dunes” 

Dante Elephante, “Rare Attractions” (Live at WASTOIDS)

All other recordings by Sam Means, recorded exclusively for WASTOIDS. Clairaudience is produced by Jason Woodbury and channeled by Mandi Kimes. Do you have a story Clairaudience? Leave us a message on the WASTOIDS hotline. Call 1-877-WASTOIDS.

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